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Foundational Missions Leadership Moment

Feb 24, 2017

Scott McClelland catches up with Ita Hernandez in Nicaragua to talk about her perspective and experience. Listen to discover the main way we lead, how we're always leaders, and why it's important to choose our leaders wisely.

Ita's Email:

Feb 17, 2017

Scott McClelland talks with Greg Millsaps about learning lessons the hard way and cross-cultural leadership: improvise, adapt, overcome.


Feb 10, 2017

Brandon Wiedman joins Scott McClelland on location in Nicaragua to talk about vagabonding, disappointment, and cultural transitions.


Betos Coffee:

Feb 3, 2017

Scott McClelland is on location with Anna-Sara Bergwall in Nicaragua. They talk about failure, how her leadership training prepared her for what she's doing now - even though she didn't know it at the time, and equipping young leaders.


Show Notes: