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Foundational Missions Leadership Moment

Mar 31, 2017

Rene Nevarez joins Scott McClelland on location in Nicaragua to talk about leadership. Listen to draw on Rene's 14 years of ministry experience and discover two things he's seen leaders do that he hopes he DOESN'T repeat, what he tries to do instead, and how John 15:15 informs his perspective on leadership.


Mar 24, 2017

Scott McClelland and Luke Anspach talk about how to define leadership, the mark of servant leadership, and one key to encourage trust, respect, and teachability through effective leadership.


Twitter: @lukeanspach


Mar 17, 2017

Scott McClelland connects with Kate Nevarez in Nicaragua. While they are talking, she shares how leadership is more than just being a leader and one way to learn leadership skills that people often forget.

Kate's Website:

Mar 10, 2017

Scott McClelland is joined by Jairo Miranda on location in Nicaragua for this special bilingual episode of the Foundational Missions Leadership Moment.

Contact Info:

Facebook - Jairo Miranda

La Roca Iglesia Cristiana 


Phone: 505-8362-0846

Mar 3, 2017

Scott McClelland catches up with Joe D. Lope in Nicaragua, where they talk about the two most important things to learn first about leadership and one area where Joe wants to grow in leadership.

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